Wiley Book Series on Nature Inspired Computing


The proliferation of computing devices in every aspect of our lives increases the demand for better understanding of emerging computing paradigms. The new book series seeks to provide an opportunity for researchers to explore the new computational paradigms and their impact on computing in the new millennium. The series is quite timely since the field of computing as a whole is undergoing many changes. Vast literature exists today on such new paradigms and their implications on a wide range of applications—a number of studies have reported on the success of such techniques in solving difficult problems in all key areas of computing.

The list of topics that will be covered by the series is by no means exhaustive but it serves as a guide to the diversity of the topics covered here. It is also hoped that the topics covered will get the readers to think of the implications of such new ideas on the developments in their own fields. These fields are: Quantum Computing, DNA Computing, Genetic Algorithms, Evolutionary Paradigms, Cellular Automata, Neural Networks, Swarm Algorithms, Fuzzy Logic, Computational Synthesis, Machine Learning Techniques, Computational Methods for Biological Systems.

The series will also publish books related to technologies that are relevant to nature inspired computing: Silicon Neuron Processing, Molecular Scale Computers and NanoTech, Optics, Evolvable Hardware, Quantum Hardware, Reconfigurable Hardware, and others.


The book series will target application domains that employ nature inspired techniques. The list of applications includes, but is not limited to: Bioinformatics, Computational challenges in structural and functional Genomics, Ubiquitous Computing, Networking, Nanomedicine, Nanorobotics, Mobile Computing, Parallel Computing, Grid Computing, Financial Applications, Security and Cryptography, Agents Technology, Simulations, Climate Modeling, Cognitronics, Virtual Environment and Teleoperator Systems, Tele-immersion, Numerical Algorithms, Molecular Computations, Synthetic Biology, and others.


Series Editors: Albert Y. Zomaya and Mary M. Eshaghian-Wilner

Advisory Board

Enrique Alba

University of Malaga, Spain

Azzedine Boukerche

Ottawa University, Canada

Robert A. Freitas
Institute for Molecular Manufacturing, California, USA

Alice C. Parker
University of Southern California, USA

Mikhail Prokopenko

CSIRO, Australia

John Reif
Duke University

Franciszek Seredynski

Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland

Elghazali Talbi

Lille University and INRIA, France



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Potential authors should contact any of the Series Editors (see below) to receive more information.

Series Editors

Professor Albert Y. Zomaya

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email: a.zomaya@usyd.edu.au



Professor Mary M. Eshaghian-Wilner

Electrical Engineering Department

University of California, Los Angeles
Room 56-125B Engineering IV
420 Westwood Plaza

Los Angeles, CA 90095-1594


Tel: 310-994-8994

Fax: 310-206-4833

email: maryew@ee.ucla.edu



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