Spring Day: 

Workshop on Graph Drawing and Information Visualisation

on the occasion of the 50th birthday of Prof. Peter Eades

Date & Place

Workshop Organizer

    Seokhee Hong (University of Sydney)
      Xuemin Lin (UNSW)

Invited Speaker

       Jennifer Seberry (Wollongong) "Privacy Piracy" .
       Kim Marriott (Monash) "Supporting Adaptive, Interactive Diagrams for the Web"

Invited Talk

       Xuemin Lin (UNSW) "Graph Partition Based Multi-Way Spatial Joins"
       Mao Lin Huang (UTS) "Information Visualization for B2C e-Commerce"
       Richard Webber (Newcastle) "Interacting with 3D Graph Drawings"
       Hugo do Nascimento (Usyd) "An Interactive System for Drawing Directed Graphs"
       Quang Vinh Nguyen (UTS) "A Space-Optimising Tree Visualization"
       Qing Zhang (UNSW) "Error Minimization for Approximate Aggregation by Histograms"
       Seokhee Hong (Usyd) "Survey on Symmetric Graph Drawing"
       Carsten Friedrich (Usyd) "Force Directed Animation"

Abstract of Invited Talk 

Workshop Program