Visualisation of Social Networks: Sunbelt Vizard Session Presentation

Collaboration with Staffs and Students at the University of Sydney and NICTA VALACON Project memebrs. Collaboration with Kazuo Misue from Tsukuba University in Japan.

Sunbelt 2008: Social Network Community Co-Citation Network from WOS (Web of Science)


Sunbelt 2008: Graph Drawing Community Citation Network and Collaboration Network from WOS (Web of Science)


Sunbelt 2007: Visualisation and Analysis of Wiki


Sunbelt 2006: Visualisation and Analysis of IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base)

Adel Ahmed, Vladimir Batagelj, Xiaoyan Fu, Seok-Hee Hong, Damina Merrick and Andrej Mrvar, Visualisation and Analysis of the Internet Movie Database, Proceedings of APVIS (Asia-Pacific Symposium on Visualisation) 2007, IEEE, pp. 17-24, 2007.

In this paper, we present a case study for the visualisation and analysis of large and complex temporal multivariate networks derived from the Internet Movie DataBase (IMDB). Our approach is to integrate network analysis methods with visualisation in order to address scalability and complexity issues. In particular, we defined new analysis methods such as (p,q)-core and 4-ring to identify important dense subgraphs and short cycles from the huge bipartite graphs. We applied island analysis for a specific time slice in order to identify important and meaningful subgraphs. Further, a temporal Kevin Bacon graph and a temporal two mode network are extracted in order to provide insight and knowledge on the evolution.