INFO5993  Research Methods  

2014 Semester 2

Monday 3-5pm, SIT Lecture room 123

Unit coordinator: Prof. Seok-Hee Hong ( shhong  "at"  it. usyd. edu. au)

Unit Specification

This unit will provide an overview of the different research methods that are used in IT.
Students will learn to find and evaluate research on their topic and to present their own research plan or results for evaluation by others.
The unit will develop a better understanding of what research in IT is and how it differs from other projects in IT.
Students will learn research ethics.
This unit of study is required for students in IT who are enrolled in a research project as part of their Honours or MIT/MITM degree.
It is also recommended for students enrolled or planning to do a research degree in IT and Engineering.

Learing Outcome

Engineering/IT Specialisation (Level 4)
1. Knowledge of major approaches used in IT research and ability to apply one or more to own project
2. Ability to plan a program of research in IT
3. Ability to perform a critical evaluation of research work

Information Seeking (Level 4)
4. Ability to retrieve academic literature on a specific topic and identify top journals, conferences, research groups on this topic

Communication (Level 4)
5. Ability to produce a literature survey for a field of IT research
6. Ability to write and present a research proposal

Professional Conduct (Level 4)
7. Understanding of ethical practices and copyrights
8. Ability to read research literature and understand how the described work fits into one or more research approaches
9. Understanding of the nature of IT research and how research is evaluated

University Policy


All students must submit a cover sheet for all assessment work that declares that the work is original and not plagiarised from the work of others.
In assessing a piece of submitted work, the School of IT may reproduce it entirely, may provide a copy to another member of faculty, and/or to an external plagiarism checking service or in-house computer program and may also maintain a copy of the assignment for future checking purposes and/or allow an external service to do so.


See the policies page of the faculty website for information regarding university policies and local provisions and procedures within the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies.
You are required to visit the URL and carefully read the policies on Academic Honesty, Special Consideration due to illness and misadventure, and Late Submissions.

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Lecture Time Table  
Week 1 (July 28) : Introduction (Prof. Seokhee Hong)
Week 2 (Aug 4) : PhD Research (Dr. Javid Taheri)/ Literature Search (Thomas Goodfellow)
Week 3 (Aug 11) : Good Research Methods (Prof. Peter Eades)/HCI Evaluation Methods (Prof. Stephen Diehl)
Week 4 (Aug 18) :  Writing Literature Review/Research Proposal (Dr. Bronwyn James)
Week 5 (Aug 25) :  Research Methods in IS/CS (Prof. Joseph Davis)
Week 6 (Sep 1) :  Evaluation Methods in IT (Dr. Tony Huang)
Week 7 (Sep 8) :  Intersciplinary Research (Prof. Falk Schreiber)/ Industrail Research (Dr. Carsten Friedrich)
Week 8 (Sep 15) :  Research/Evaluation Methods in IT (Dr. Jinman Kim, Dr. YoungChoon Lee)/ Paper Review and Research Ethics (Prof. Seokhee Hong)
Week 9 (Sep 22) :  How to Write System/Theory Research Papers (Dr. Vincent Gramoli, Dr. Julian Mestre)
Week 10 (Oct 6) :  Public Holiday
Week 11 (Oct 13) :  Student Presentation (PhD)
Week 12 (Oct 20) :  Student Presentation (Master)
Week 13 (Oct 30) :  Student Presentation (Honours)