COMP4048  Information Visualisation  

2008 Semester 2

Thursday 3-5pm, SIT Lab 117

Unit coordinator: Dr. SeokHee Hong ( shhong  "at"  it. usyd. edu. au)

Unit Specification

Information Visualisation and Graph Drawing aim to make good pictures of abstract information, such as stock prices, family trees, and software design diagrams.
Well designed pictures can convey this information rapidly and effectively.
The research challenge for Information Visualisation and Graph Drawing is to design and implement new algorithms that produce such pictures.
Applications include visualisation of bioinformatics, social network, software visualisation and network visualisation.
This unit will provide basic concepts, techniques and fundamental algorithms to achieve good visualisation of  abstract information.
Further, it will also provide opportunities for academic research and developing new methods for information visualisation.

Assumed Knowledge

It is assumed that students will have basic knowledge of data structures, algorithms  and programming skills.


You are required to visit the URL and carefully read the policies on Academic Honesty, Special Consideration due to illness and misadventure, and Late Submissions.


Survey Paper Topics



Week 2 References


Week 5-7 Paper Presentation


Programming Assignment Data Set: Web of Science (WOS)


Information on Paper Presentation and Report 1

Lecture Time Table  
Week 1 (July 31) : Introduction to Information Visualisation and Graph Drawing
Week 2 (Aug 7) : Spring Algorithm and Force Directed Methods
Week 3 (Aug 14) : Layered Graph Drawing
Week 4 (Aug 21) :  Visual Analytics
Week 5 (Aug 28) :  Student Presentation: Papers 1 (Katie Bell) and 4 (Tomek Rej)
Week 6 (Sep 4) :  Student Presentation: Papers 2 (Andrew Myers), 5 (Simon Gerber) and 6 (Cong Xu)
Week 7 (Sep 11) :  Student Presentation: Paper 3 (Joel Nothman), and Presentation for Report 1
Week 8 (Sep 18) :  Guest Lecture
Week 9 (Sep 25) :  Guest Lecture
Week 10 (Oct 9) :  Student Presentation
Week 11 (Oct 16) :  Student Presentation
Week 12 (Oct 23) :  Student Presentation
Week 13 (Oct 30) : Final Presentation