System 3DTreeDraw

3DTreeDraw implements two 3D tree drawing algorithms.

The first one is a symmetric drawing algorithm.
This algorithm finds the maximum number of symmetries in a tree and then constructs a maximally symmetric drawing of trees in three dimensions.
For details, see the paper by Seokhee Hong and Peter Eades, Drawing Trees Symmetrically in Three Dimensions, Algorithmica, vol. 36, no. 2, 2003. Also available as Technical Report IT-IVG-2002-02.

The second algorithm is a 3D tree drawing algorithm, which uses the concept of subplanes, defined by regular polytopes for easy navigation and balanced appearance.
We use this algorithm for drawing asymmetric trees.
For details, see the paper, PolyPlane: A New Layout Algorithm For Trees In Three Dimensions, by Seokhee Hong and Tom Murtagh, Technical Report TR IT-IVG-2003-01.
The system was implemented by Tom Murtagh, as a vacation scholarship project.

Video of 3DTreeDraw

This video will appear to the proceeding of SoCG (Symposium on Computational Geometry) 2003.
For details, see 3DTreeDraw: A Three Dimensional Tree Drawing System, by Tom Murtagh and Seokhee Hong, Technical Report IT-IVG-2002-03.

Gallery of 3DTreeDraw

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