2.5D Drawings of Trees: PolyPlane

Seok-Hee Hong and T. Murtagh, Visualization of Large and Complex Networks Using PolyPlane, Proceedings of Graph Drawing 2004, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3383, pp. 471-482, Springer, 2004.

This paper discusses a new method for visualisation of large and complex networks in three dimensions. In particular, we focus on visualising the core tree structure of the large and complex network. The algorithm uses the concept of subplanes, where a set of subtrees is laid out. The subplanes are defined using regular polytopes for easy navigation. The algorithm can be implemented to run in linear time. We implemented the algorithm and the experimental results show that it produces nice layouts of large trees with up to ten thousand nodes. We further discuss how to extend this method for more general case.

Tom Murtagh and Seok-Hee Hong, 3DTreeDraw: A Three Dimensional Tree Drawing System Proc. of SoCG (ACM Symposium on Computational Geometry) 2003, pp. 380-382, 2003.

Seok-Hee Hong and T. Murtagh, PolyPlane: An Implementation of a New Layout Algorithm for Trees in Three Dimensions, IEEE InfoVis poster, 2003.