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edit Short Bio
portrait of Judy Kay Judy Kay is Professor of Computer Science. She leads the Human Centred Technology Research Cluster, one of three priority clusters in the Faculty of Engineering and IT at the University of Sydney. Her own lab, CHAI, Computer Human Adapted Interaction Research Group aims to create new technologies for human computer interaction (HCI). Her personalisation research has created the Personis user modelling framework. This is a unified mechanism for keeping and managing people's long term personal data from diverse sources. This is the foundation for building personalised systems. Personis models are distinctive in that they were designed to be scrutable, because interfaces enable the user to scrutinise their user model and personalisation processes based on it. In learning contexts, she has created interfaces for Open Learner Models that make this personal data available in useful forms for long term learning and self-monitoring.

Her interface research has created the Cruiser Natural User Interaction (NIU) software framework. This provides new ways for people to make use of large interactive tabletops and wall displays. By mining the digital footprints of such interaction, this research is creating new ways for people to learn to collaborate, and to learn and work more collaboratively.

She has extensive publications, in venues such as the conferences, Pervasive, Computer Human Interaction (CHI), User Modeling (UM, AH, UMAP) and journals, such as IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education, User Modeling and User-Adapted Interaction, Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, Communications of the ACM, Computer Science Education. Invited keynote addresses include: UM'94 User Modeling Conference, Boston, USA; IJCAI'95 International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Montreal, Canada; ICCE'97, International Conference on Computers in Education, Kuching, Malaysia; ITS'2000, Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Montreal, Canada; AH2006 Adaptive Hypermedia and Adaptive Web-Based Systems, Dublin, Ireland; ITS'2008, Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Montreal, Canada; EC-TEL'2010, European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning, Barcelona, Spain, C5'2012, International Conference on Creating, Connecting and Collaborating through Computing, Playa Vista; ICLS'12, International Conference of the Learning Sciences, Sydney, LASI'13, Learning Analytics Summer Institute, co-organized by the Society for Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR) and Stanford University, ACM Multimedia 2015, Brisbane, Australia, ACSW'16, Australian Computer Science Week, Canberra, EDM 2016, Educational Data Mining< Raleigh, North Carolina.

edit Recent Conferences, special issues
2016 Mar, 14-18: PerCom, Sydney. I participated in the PhD Forum, and a workshop panel on Future Smart Cities. 2015-Dec-10: OzCHI - Melbourne.
2015-Nov-15-18: ITS - Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces, Madeira, Portugal
2015-Sep-7-11: Ubicomp 2015, Osaka, Japan | Papers due: 2 Mar 014 | PC Meeting: 16-17 May, CornellTech campus in New York City | New Frontiers of Quantified Self Workshop - submissions | Broadening Participation
2015-Jun-29 - 3 Jul,
UMAP 2015, Dublin, Ireland | PATH Workshop on Personalisation and Adaptation in Technology for Health, June 30
2015-Jun-22-26: AIED 2015 | 4th Workshop on Intelligent Support for Learning in Groups (ISLG) Mon 22 | Les Contes du Mariage: Should AI stay married to ED? Mon pm 22 | International Workshop on Affect, Meta-Affect, Data and Learning (AMADL 2015) Fri 26
2015-Mar-16-20: LAK2015, Learning Analytics and Knowledge, Poughkeepsie, New York | reviews | VISLA workshop
2015-Mar: Judy Kay and Gord McCalla
UMUAI Special Issue cover UMUAI: Special Issue on Coming of Age: Celebrating a Quarter Century of User Modeling and Personalization
2015-Mar-14-15: Learning at Scale
2014-Dec-2-5: OzCHI2014, Sydney
2014-Nov-20-21: ALASI Australian Learning Analytics Summer Institute
2014 Oct 1: IEEE Pervasive Digitally Enhanced Reality: from Wearable Cognitive Assistance to Augmented Memory Special Issue
2014-Sep-13-17: Ubicomp2014, Seattle | Widening participation application | Homesys 23 May
2014-Sep-1: LinkQS . in conjunction with Hypertext 2014 - Santiago, Chile | reviews
2014-Aug-12-13: Learning with MOOCs: A practitioner's workshop
2014-Jul-7-11: UMAP 22nd Conference on User Modeling, Adaptation and Personalization 7-11 July 2014, Aalborg, Denmark (deadline Feb 3) | PALE | Project Synergy (UMAP ProS)
2014-Jun-5-9: ITS2014 Hawaii | ISLG workshop
2014-Jun-03-4: PerDis : Pervasive Displays
2014-Apr-26 - May 1: CHI 2014 Toronto, Canada, Deadline 18 Sep, 2013. | Gesture-based Interaction Design | Learning at scale | Beyond QS | Personalizing Behavior Change Technologies
2014-Mar-4,5: ACM Conference on Learning at Scale Atlanta
2014-Mar-24: LAK14 - Learning Analytics and Knowledge: Indianapolis, IN
2013-Nov-25-29: OzCHI 2013
2013-Nov-30: A-LASI Australian Learning Analytics Summer Institute.
2013-Dec-2-5: MUM'13 International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia, Sweden | reviews
2013-Oct 6-9: ITS 2013 - Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces
2013-Sep 9-12: Ubicomp 2013
2013-Aug-31: Activity Recognition for Interaction
2013-Jul-9-12: AIED 2013 Memphis, Tennessee | Intelligent Support for Learning in Groups
2013-Jun-10-14: UMAP2013 Rome | PALE (Apr 8) | PATCH | Lifelong User Modelling
2013-Apr 27 - May 2: CHI 2013, Paris, France |
2013-Apr-8-12: Learning Analytics, Leuven, Belgium
2013-Apr-3-5: Persuasive 2013
2013-Jan 6-9: TEI'13 Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction
2013-Jan 6-9: CIDR Conference on Innovative Data Systems Research
2012-Dec-5-6: Smart Services CRC Showcase
2012-Nov: ITS 2012, Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces, Cambridge, MA.
2012-Sep-5-8: UbiComp, Pittsburgh, USA.
2012-Jul-16-20: UMAP 2012, Montreal | PALE | PATCH
2012-Jul-2-6: ICLS, Sydney | DECL Digital Ecosystems for Collaborative Learning
2012-Jun-25-28: U2M'2012 Ubiquitous User Modeling, International Workshop at Haifa, Israel
2012-Jun-19-21: EDM2012 Chania, Greece |
Pervasive 2012 Logo 2012-Jun-18-22: Pervasive, Newcastle, UK | exec | Intelligibility
2012-Jun-13-15: DIS 2012 Designing Interactive Systems, Newcastle, UK | reviews
2012-Jun-12-19: Intelligent Tutoring Systems, (ITS 2012) Crete, Deadline Jan 23
2012-Jun-4,5 The International Symposium on Pervasive Displays
2012-May-5-10: CHI Texas, Austin, LBR deadline 9 Jan. | Educational Interfaces, Softw are, and Technology | Personal informa tics | Technologies for families
2012-Apr-16 MultiA-Pro: International Workshop on Interoperability of User Profiles in Multi-Application Web Environments, In conjunction with WWW2012, Lyon, France.
2012-Feb-14 Ubiquitous Pers onalization (UP'2012) at IUI 2012.
2012-Feb-11-12: Personal Information Management (PIM) Seattle, WA: Deadline Nov 25.
2012-Feb-9-10: Joint EPFL-USYD Workshop. Talk: Overview of Computer-Human Adapted Interaction research: personalisation, digital ecosystems, tabletops and lifelong, life-wide learning.
2012-Jan-30: ACE Australasian Computing Education Conference, Melbourne, Australia.
2012-Jan-18: C5 International Conference on Creating, Connecting and Collaborating through Computing. Playa Vista, CA
2011-Dec-19-20: CSEIT 2011 Computer Science Education: Innovation and Technology CSEIT 2012. Best Student Paper Award Richard Gluga.
2011-Dec-02: ADCS
2011-Nov-30..Dec-2: International eLearning Futures Conference
2011-Nov-28..Dec-2: OzCHI: Canberra,
2011-Nov-24: Sydney Computer Science Conventicle | ALTC Improving Teaching Practice
2011-Nov-13: ITS Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces Conference reviews
2011-Nov-03: Learning Technology Research Fest - researchers and practitioners in the sciences and technologies of learning
2011-Oct-30: University of Sydney - Israel Research Partnership Forum
2011-09-17: Ubicomp, Beijing, China.
2011-10-16: UIST 2011-Oct-24: E-Ed 2011 Usability and Educational Technology 2011
2011-Jul-11: UMAP, Girona, Spain. PALE
2011-Jul-108-20: Microsoft Research Faculty Summit 2011 Seattle.
2011-Jul-6-8: EDM 4th International Conference on Educational Data Mining (EDM 2011). Best Student Paper - Roberto Martinez.
AIED, Canterbury, NZ. gsite | gsiter
2011-Jun-19: IDC 2011 International Conference on Interaction Design and Children
2011-Jun-7: Pervasive 2011 | reviews | HPDI, reviews
2011-May-16-17: Ubiquitous User Modeling Workshop, Haifa, Israel
2011-May-07: CHI2011 | Interaction Techniques and Devices | Expanding and Enhancing interaction through Technology, Systems and Tools | reviews
2011-03-27: LAK'11 Learning Analytics & Knowledge
2010-Nov-07: ITS 2010 Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces 2010, Saarbrucken, Germany
2010-Nov-22: OzCHI, Brisbane
2010-Dec-06: MobiQuitous 2010
2011-Jan-17: ACE2011 Perth, Australia
10-Oct-01: EC-TEL 2010
10-Sep-26: RecSys, Barcelona, Spain.
10-Sep-26: Ubicomp
10-Jul-19: SIGIR - Geneva, Switzerland. reviews
cover of ITS proceedings 10-Jun-14: ITS2010, Pittsburgh | reviews | org | CSPRED
10-Jun-20: UMAP 2010 | PUMP
10-Jun-28,29: HCSNet Workshop on Natural User Interfaces: Multitouch and Gestural Interactions
10-May-17: Pervasive 2010 - Helsinki, Finland, reviews
10-May-17: Pervasive personalisation workshop
10-Apr-10: CHI2010 | reviews
10-Jan-22: ACE: reviews
10-Feb-07: IUI Hong Kong 09-12-04: ADCS Sydney
09-12-02: Smart Services CRC Inaugural Participants Conference
9-11-30: ICCE Hong Kong.
09-11-23: OzCHI Melbourne.
09-11-23: Tabletop Banff, Canada.
09-11-06:PIM 2009 09-11-04:UIST
09-09-30: UbiSys 2009 System Support for Ubiquitous Computing Workshop
09-09-30: UBICOMP Orlando, Florida.
09-07-07: UIC 09 Ubiquitous Intelligence and Com puting, | reviews
logo for UMAP conference 09-06-22: UMAP Trento, Italy, 22-26 June | reviews | planner
09-06-22: Lifelong User Modelling UMAP Workshop
09-07-01: EDM Cordoba, Spain, 1-3 July 2009 | reviews
09-06-29: NGITS, Israel, reviews
09-07-06: AIED'09, July 6-10, Brighton | reviews
09-07-06:TUMAS with AIED.
09-07-06:SWEL with AIED.
09-05-21: IAC09 IT in Aged Care.
09-05-11: Pervasive'09 Nara, Japan.
09-04-05: CHI'09 | Tabletop | reflection | temporal | Age matters
09-03-03: Adaptive Training Technologies, March 3 - 5
09-01-20: ACE Wellington, New Zealand Jan 20 - 23
08-12-09: HAI'08 at IAT'08.
08-12-09: TUMAS-A 2008 at IAT'08.
08-12-08: ADCS'08 Hobart.
08-12-08: OZCHI 2008 Cairns
08-10-27: ICCE 2008 Taipei, Taiwan
08-11-02: ICT Building Lifelong Learning Companions USC, LA.
08-10-19: UIST 2008 Oct 19-22, Monterey, CA.
08-10-02: Tabletop 2008 Amsterdam
08-09-21: Ubicomp Seoul
08-09-06: ICER Sydney,
08-07-28: AH 2008 Hannover
08-06-23: ITS 2008 Montreal | *CATS | * SWEL'08 | Meta-Cognition
08-06-20: EDM'08
08-06-19: Pervasive 2008 Sydney | DC CFP | CAPC 2008 | @ Home
08-05-31: AVI 08
08-04-05: CHI 2008 Florence
08-01-13: UbiqUM'08 at IUI
08-01-22: ACE 2008 Wollongong
07-07-16: CSCL 2007 Rutgers.
07-10-10: Tabletop: Rhode Island
07-10-07: UIST 2007 Rhode Island
07-09-16: UbiComp 2007 Innsbruck, Austria
07-07-01: TKDE e-Learning Special Issue
07-06-25: UM 2007 Corfu, Greece | UbiDeUM'2007 | SociUM | PING
07-07-09: AIED 2007 Jul 9-13
07-07-18: EDM at ICALT, Niigata, Japan
07-05-13: Pervasive Toronto, Ontario
07-04-28: CHI 2007 San Jose, USA
07-01-29: ACE 2007 Ballarat
07-01-28: IUI 2007 Hawaii, USA
06-10-15: UIST 2006 Montreux, Switzerland
06-09-17: UbiComp 2006 Orange County, CA
06-08-28: UBIQUM '06 Italy
06-05-07: Pervasive 2006 Dublin, Ireland.
06-06-26: ITS 2006 Taiwan
06-06-21: AH 2006 Dublin, Ireland
06-04-24: CHI 2006 Montreal, Canada.
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Feb 2016: Opening Keynote Australasian Computer Science Week
Opening Keynote Australasian Computer Science Week (ACSW 2016), A Human-Centred View of Big Personal Data: Scrutable User Models for Privacy and Control, Canberra, Australia.
Feb 2016: Launch of HCT Context Node: Technology for Health and Wellness
Inaugural Human Centred Technology Symposium on Health & Wellness Research Symposium
Dec 2015: National Committee for Information and Communication Sciences
Australian Academy of Science National Committee for Information and Communication Sciences (NCICS) aims to foster information and communication sciences in Australia, to link the Academy to scientists and practitioners in this area and to relevant scientific and professional societies, and to serve as a link between Australian and overseas scientists. | Future Science Computer Science
Oct 27, 2015: Keynote address ACM Multimedia Conference
ACM Multimedia Conference, 26 - 30 October 2015, Brisbane, Australia: Keynote: Harnessing Big Personal Data, with Scrutable User Modelling for Privacy and Control. | Abstract | University of Sydney News
July 22-26, 2015: Panel Chair for AIED2015
AIED is the premier venue for researchers creating advanced technology for learning.
13 April, 2015: Interview
13 April, 2015: 5 minutes with....
Mar 13, 2015: Keynote speaker: Health Literacy Research to Practice Forum
Health literacy and computer assisted technology and learning
at the Research to Practice Forum on Health Literacy
in partnership with the South East Sydney Local Health District, Multicultural Health Unit.
held at Prince of Wales Hospital.
Abstract: This talk will present an overview of a range of emerging technologies to support lifelong and life-wide learning. These support core aspects of teaching, such as systematic definition of learning competencies, new ways to deliver learning materials, support learners in achieving deep learning and in tracking learning. It will also present some over the horizon approaches, such as ways to engage with public health messages, at interactive wall interfaces in public.
(full programme)
Sep 10, 2014: Human centred technology and the business of health
Conversations on business and health series
July 2014: Elizabeth F. Churchill blog
Scrupulous, Scrutable and Sumptuous: Personal Data Futures "There's a gathering focus on "scrutable" user models — models that are transparent and inspectable, intelligible, customer-centered, use-oriented, and built for long-term curation ... Issues like privacy, visibility, error correction, "wasted data", and shared control of model building are key. Researchers Judith Kay and Bob Kummerfeld, ... say that "scrutable user models are designed and implemented so that the user can study, or scrutinize, the way she works, to determine what information the user model holds, the processes used to capture it, and the ways that it is used." ...
July 9, 2014: Panelist for UMAP 2014, Aalborg, Denmark
22nd Conference on User Modeling, Adaptation and Personalisation, premier venue for personalisation research. Panel on how the community will address challenges faced in the coming era of pervasive computing.
July 7, 2014: Invited keynote speaker at User Modeling and Personalisation Workshop
Held in conjunction with the annual UMAP2014 conference, the Project Synergy (UMAP ProS) Workshop brought together participants from several International projects to share experiences and directions.
June 1-4, 2014: Invited workshop on foundations for managing learning data
The Asilomar Convention for Learning Research in Higher Education Workshop of educators, scientists, and legal/ethical scholars, developed a framework to inform decisions about appropriate use of data and technology in learning research for higher education. | Inside Higher Ed
Nov 26-28, 2013: Health Literacy Conference
Invited presentation: Overview of emerging technologies to define, enhance, and measure health literacy Health literacy network: crossing disciplines, bridging gaps | slides
Dec 1, 2013: A-LASI workshop
The Australian Learning Analytics Summer Institute (A-LASI) Interfaces for learning data visualizations, invited talk.
Oct 2-3, 2013: Blended Learning for Engaged Enquiry
The Sydney Teaching Colloquium, 2013 plenary talk in session: What are the pedagogical opportunities provided by blended learning?.
Jun 1, 2013: Elected Chair Joint Ubicomp and Pervasive Steering Committee
The Joint Steering Committee of the Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing Conference Series is responsible for the peak conference in ubiquitous and pervasive computing, with the upcoming Ubicomp2013 to be held in Zurich. The Ubicomp JSC is affiliated with the ACM SIGCHI and SIGmobile.
Jul 1-5, 2013: Learning Analytics Summer Institute
Invited presentation on Visualization and Data Presentation at Learning Analytics Summer Institute 2013 (LASI-13) | Slides
Jun 3-8, 2013: VIVID Light at Seymour
As part of the VIVID 2013 "As part of Vivid Sydney 2013, the Seymour Centre will showcase the best ideas from the brightest students and researchers in light and technology from The University of Sydney.
The best in technology will also be on show in the Seymour foyers featuring interactive tabletops and walls developed by the Computer Human Adapted Interaction (CHAI) Research Group at the University. Tabletops work as giant tablet screens where people can explore combinations of images, documents, videos and interactive maps and can "throw" an object from the table onto the wall to communicate and investigate in a wholly new way."
Jun 3, 2013: VIVID Ideas
As part of the VIVID 2013 Festival's Ideas Theme, a talk as part of the evening series of talks at 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm, at Seymour Centre, University of Sydney, entitled: "I'm not creative but...." on the creative dimensions of computer science and HCI with historian, Iain McCalman, illumination designer, Wendy Davis, philosopher Rick Benitez, interaction designer for information interfaces in everyday environments, Martin Tomitsch.
April 26, 2013: Invited presentation at AIDA
Title: Lifelong learner modelling, harnessing pervasive technology for learning
Host: AIDA Interdisciplinary Approach for Interactive Learning Environments, a federation of laboratories:
LORIA UMR 7503 (Nancy/CNRS/INRIA University),
DIDIREM (Paris 7 University),
GET-INT , SIMBAD team (INT Evry),
Paragraphe , CRAC & LINC team,
LIP6, MOCAH team (Paris 6 University),
EDA (Paris 5 University)
at Campus Jussieu, LIP6, Couloir 25-26, Salle 101 (salle Jean-Louis LauriC(re)
Apr 2, 2013: Human Centred Technology Workshop
Harnessing Unobtrusive Sensing to Understand Human Behaviour for Lifelong Goals workshop with presentations by invited keynote speaker: Anind Dey, Carnegie Mellon University with invited presentations by external speakers Cecile Paris (CSIRO IT) Pearl Pu (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, EPFL)
and from University of Sydney: Adrian Bauman (Public Health) James Curran, Judy Kay, Fabio Ramos, Kalina Yacef (IT) Andy Dong (Civil Engineering) Alistair McEwan, Abelardo Pardo (Electrical and Information Engineering) Martin Tomitsch (Design & Planning).
Dec 5-6, 2012: Invited speaker at Smart Services CRC Showcase
Invited Presentation: Personal digital ecosystems and big personal data at the Smart Services CRC ``Services: a new wave of thinking Showcase''. at the Australian Technology Park, Sydney.
Oct 2012: Happiness, Health and Wellbeing @ Work Conference
Invited speaker for Happiness, Health and Wellbeing @ Work Conference: presents the latest research and strategies on workplace health and wellbeing programs. The theme is Health and Wellbeing at Work: Making a Difference and it will include a range of experts from the field of Work and Health. My talk is on Innovative uses of IT to help people be healthier at work.
Jul 2-6, 2012: Keynote speaker International Conference of the Learning Sciences
International Conference of the Learning Sciences: The Future of learning. Keynote presentation sponsored by the NSW Department of Trade and Investment.
Jun 2012 - U2M'2012
Invited speaker for Ubiquitous User Modeling (U2M'2012) Workshop on State of the art and current challenges in Ubiquitous User Modeling
Workshop attendees
Jun 2012 - Pervasive
co-Programme Chair for Pervasive 2012, co-editor for proceedings:
cover of Pervsaive 2012 proceedings 10th International Conference Pervasive 2012, Kay, J.; Lukowicz, P.; Tokuda, H.; Olivier, P.; Kruger, A. (Eds.) Newcastle, UK, 18 - 22 June, 2012.
Jan 2012 - C5 Keynote speaker
Keynote speaker, with Mark Guzdial, Georgia Institute of Technology, at International Conference on Creating, Connecting and Collaborating through Computing Playa Vista, CA 18 - 20 January 2012.
Dec 2011 - International eLearning Futures Conference
Invited keynote speaker at: International eLearning Futures Conference Auckland, New Zealand, 30 November - 2 December.
Jun 2011 - AIED 2011
General Chair at 15th AIED - Artificial Intelligence in Education in Auckland, New Zealand (unfortunately had to move from Christchurch).
Co-editor of proceedings:
cover of AIED proceedings AIED2011, Proceedings of Artificial Intelligence in Education 15th International Conference, Gautam Biswas, Susan Bull, Judy Kay and Antonija Mitrovic, editors, Auckland, New Zealand, 29 June - 1 July 2011.
Jul 2011 - EDM Award
Best Student Paper Award: R. Martinez, K. Yacef, J. Kay, A. Kharrufa, and A. Al-Qaraghuli. Analysing frequent sequential patterns of collaborative learning activity around an interactive tabletop. EDM2011, 4th International Conference on Educational Data Mining
Sep 2010 - EC-TEL 2010 Keynote
Opening Keynote at EC-TEL 2010 Fifth European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning, Barcelona, Spain. 28 September - 1 October.
Interviewed at the associated virtual conference ICT2010, Europe's most important forum for ICT research and innovation, in Brussels by The Centre for Social Innovation, ZSI, linking across over the globe, including Africa, Asia, Australia and Latin America.
Apr, Aug 2010: Tabletop Computing Video
Presentation for the Smart Services CRC Showcase. This demo showcases CHAI research on tabletop computing enabling users to interact naturally for collaboration, learning, entertainment and planning in different services industries. (21st April, Sydney, presentation also at Showcase, 25th August, Brisbane).
June 2010: Intelligent Tutoring Systems
Programme co-Chair for ITS, Tenth International Conference on Intelligent Tutoring Systems, co-editor of proceedings:
cover of ITS proceedings V. Aleven, J. Kay, and J. Mostow, editors,
ITS2010, Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Springer, 2010
Jan 2010: ACE
Programme committee for ACE 2010, Twelfth Australasian Computing Education Conference Brisbane, Australia 18th - 22nd January 2010
June 2010: Pervasive
Programme committee for Pervasive 2010, The Eighth International Conference on Pervasive Computing 17-20 May 2010 - Helsinki, Finland.
Jan 2010: Women's Education Worldwide Conference
Presentation at conference held 6-8 January 2010, The Women's College, University of Sydney:
Women in IT: a shrinking minority
March 2009: Army Research Institute Adaptive Training Technology Workshop
Invited Presentation at workshop held March 3-5, 2009, Charleston, South Carolina, USA.
The lifelong learner model: key to life-long, context-aware, teaching, learning, remembering and augmented cognition
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