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Research overview: Human Centred Computing
My research takes a human-centred perspective of Computer Science to create future computer systems. It explores new ways for people to interact with their many computers and the other devices in their personal digital ecosystem. My vision is that we will carry personal devices that act as an interface to a personal computational cloud. This will support personalised interaction with our digital artifacts, including those strewn across all the computers we use. Some of these will be conventional desktops, others remote servers and we will also use computers that are embedded in our environment. We are working on new ways for people to interact with appliance computers, surface computing interfaces and our mobile devices. This work involves a combination of pure computer science and design driven by human needs for life-long learning, augmented memory and managing personal information.
edit Personalisation with user control - long term user modelling
The Lifelong User Modelling project tackles the challenge of creating a lifelong user model that can serve as a foundation for the Grand Challenge Problems of lifelong personalised learning and augmented cognition.
  • Long term user modelling with user control based on the Accretion-Resolution representation and user interfaces of the Personis user modelling framework. Key for user control are effective interfaces to large user models, VlUM and SIV (Hewlett Packard Scholarship) support for privacy control (ARC Discovery 2008-2012) | Healthy food app
  • Long term personalised learning. Personal data from people's digital footprints (aka exhaust data) can drive personalised learning. Examples of commercial groups: See also emerging adaptive learning commercial systems: Knewton | Grockit | Dreambox | Carnegie Learning | Cengage Aust/NZ |
    Our work tackles long term modelling of learning over the 3-5 years of university degrees in CUSP trac, Educational Data Mining, EDM (Smart Services CRC.)
  • Long term metacognitive support. We aim to ebable people to create mirrors of important data about them to support key metacognitive processes of planning, self-monitoring and reflection. These mirrors - or Open Learner Models - are also valuable for navigation of information spaces.
    Wattle and Narcissus mirrors on group activity on trac to helps groups work more effectively
    WikiNavMap: visualisation to support team-awareness in Trac | management in online learning communities)
    Reflect for long term learning of complex synthesis skills like programming, group work | Old Assess | Sitelist | trac
  • Long term pervasive personalisation across a person's personal digital ecosystem. This project models people, places and devices in pervasive computing environment, enabling person to see personalisation information about things relevant to them based on pervasive user modelling and personal ontologies | PersonisAM | Locator | Oncor, Lifelong personalised museum experience. (Smart Services CRC projects.) See also: Museum 2.0
  • Reciprocal recommenders: new technical demands of recommenders that operate between people, where reciprocity is critical to success. (Smart Services CRC.)
edit Emerging interaction - tabletops and embedded appliances
Tabletop and surface computing - based on our hardware and software agnostic framework
Commercialisation Videos, 2013 | JumpTank | MediaWall | Education | Real Estate | Kraft
2012 Finalist for Engineers Australia Excellence Award
Sep 2011 short video for Ubicomp 3 minutes
May 2011 Video for Craig Mundie demo 10 minutes
2010 video | 130mb | 80mb (This project is funded by Smart Services CRC.)

Keep-in-Touch explores appliance computing that can support families in easily maintaining contact.
(This project is funded by Smart Services CRC. It is being commercialised by ConsultPoint and keep in Touch Australia.)

edit Current, and recent, funded projects
‒ Pervasive Lifelong User Modelling for User Controlled Personalisation and Augmented Cognition - (ARC) | trac.
‒ SyReNs - STL - Science and Technology of Learning
‒ Smart Services CRC projects on personalisation, surface computing | trac
edit Past projects
  • JITT Just-in-time training system using workflows and scrutable personalisation.
  • Iems - intelligent but scrutable mail management.
    University of Sydney Grant: Automatic Induction of Rules for e-mail Classification and SITCRC Smart Personal Assistant. Collaborators: Liz Crawford, Eric McCreath .
  • Secure persona creation and management: addresses the creation of useful user model subsets (personas), the secure distribution of persona ontologies to service providers and populated personas to the relevant users.
    Collaborators: Ajay Brar, Michael Hitchens and Bob Kummerfeld
  • Vlum++ and its newest evolution Andrew Lum's SIV Visualisation tools to support users in scrutinising large user models, James Uther's
  • Scrutably adaptive hypertext - web pages adapted to the user and supporting user control by always providing access to the detailed basis for the adaptation. Sasy teaching system with scrutably adaptive hypertext. Closely linked is the work on SATS, scrutably adaptive teaching strategies, by Sam Holden.
  • Ontologies for personalisation, with projects on supporting users in defining ontologies and building light-weight scrutable ontologies from existing dictionaries
  • Reflective practitioner Learning Environment for medical management
  • um, Personis - user modelling toolkit and Personis scrutable user modelling server:
  • VCM - Verified Concept Mapper: code
  • Nightingale: natural interfaces to support reminiscence and the management of digital memories.
  • Basser Study - long term user modelling
  • Share: FairShare CPU scheduling
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